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Henry Wayne, Blanche McGinnis Wayne, Blanche Wayne, Alice May Burnham, Alice Burnham, John Burnham • September 1911 by Laura Porritt, Colored Red

Anna Hahn • August 1937

Karen Grammer, Francis Romisch, Daniel VanLone, Christobal Delgado, Winford Proffitt, Milton Abramson, Winslow Watson III, and Ricky Lewis/Lewis Miller • June-August 1975

Darlene Krashoc • March 1987

Dianne Hood • September 1990

Dianne Hood, part 2 • September 1990

Heather Dawn Church • September 1991

Heather Dawn Church • September 1991

Jacine Gielinski • April 1997

Jennifer Watkins • November 1999

Colorado [Springs] Cold Case