Murders and Unsolved Missing Persons
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About us

With a goal of supporting a more-accurate understanding of crime, history, and society in the Pikes Peak region and to explore who and what the bad guys and good guys are and where and how they function, a post has been created on this website for each homicide or unsolved missing person incident in the area from about 1860 through 2013. These posts can be explored by date, location, victim, suspect, or involved person or business/organization names, investigating agency, type of incident, or several other details about an incident.

Downloads of unsolved incident files are available for free. Downloads of solved incident files are generally available for purchase; most of these files are $2 to $22 per download. However, most incomplete files will remain free until they are almost or fully complete. During this early construction of this website, readers will find posts showing where we have a file for an incident but where we haven’t made it available for download; additionally, you may locate a post for an incident where research has not yet been conducted. In either of these cases, a form has been provided on these posts so you can easily send us a message requesting the file be made available or bumped-up on the priority list for research.

And THANK YOU! Continued research and availability of information from The Murder Books is made possible by your donations, purchases, volunteer time, and word of mouth.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION June, 2024: Thank you for pardoning the dust as we continue to add files, resources, and summary data to this site. Our summer 2024 goal is the posting of metadata and files for incidents occurring between January 1970 and December 1979.